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Speedlinking 4/19/07

Quote of the day:

"Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless."
~ Thomas Edison

Image of the day

~ Are You Doing Stupid Stuff in the Gym? -- "Eric "Mr. Fix-It" Cressey gives you 5 reminders to keep you from doing stupid stuff in the gym. Oh, and make sure to check out the video of him deadlifting 635 pounds, too."
~ You Can Get Your Exercise Resolution Back On Track, Says A New Report From Harvard Medical School -- "Even the most determined people may find that by April, their New Year's resolution to exercise has lost some of its steam. But you can reclaim your routine. The biggest challenge may come in getting yourself back into an exercise frame of mind, according to Exercise: A Program You Can Live With, a new report from Harvard Medical School. Instead of expending energy on feeling guilty and defeated, focus on what it'll take to get started again."
~ iFeel Good Challenge-- rejuvenate yourself -- "Take our six-week challenge and learn how to destress and be healthier in mind and body."
~ Drop in hormone pills put brakes on breast cancer -- "New government numbers give some of the strongest evidence yet that menopause hormones can raise the risk of breast cancer. Rates of the disease leveled off in 2004 after plunging in 2003, the year after millions of women stopped taking hormones because a big study tied them to higher heart, stroke and breast cancer risks."
~ Picking healthy restaurant foods not so easy: poll -- "Picking the healthiest item on a restaurant menu is not as easy as it seems, according to a new poll that found most respondents were unable to identify the dishes lowest in calories, salt and fat."
~ Researchers Associate High Calorie Newspaper Dessert Recipes With Obesity Rates -- "Research finds calorie-dense dessert recipes printed in major newspapers across the country may be contributing to obesity in large cities."
~ Simple Fat Change Radically Improves Mental and Physical Health -- Dr. Mercola weighs in on an article I linked to yesterday.
~ How Fitness Pros Get Super Low Body Fat -- "Every wonder how bodybuilders, models, and fitness competitors get that "ultra ripped" look right before shows and photo sessions? What do they do to achieve such super low body fat levels?

~ AASM: Don't Let Stress Prevent You From Getting A Good Night's Sleep -- "April 1st kicked off Stress Awareness Month, a national, joint effort to inform people about the prevalence of stress in our society, the dangers it poses, and successful coping strategies. It should come as no surprise that people are more stressed today than ever before. This is due to the countless demands that are being placed on people from all angles, including home and at the workplace."
~ Dealing With Grief: How Long Should Support Last? -- "Virginia Tech Students Face Long Emotional Battle; Need for Support May Be Long-Term." While I think it's good to look at this issue, I think it's wrong to even think about time limits on grief or support.
~ Cognitive Performance Affected by Sex And Prenatal Hormone Exposure -- "Yerkes researchers are using their findings to better understand sex differences in cognitive performance, which may lead to increased understanding of the difference in neuropsychological disorders men and women experience."
~ Mind-altering media -- "The electronic age is changing our brains, but are we getting smarter, or dumb and dangerous? New Scientist investigates."
~ This Wednesday: Five tips for how to FIGHT RIGHT with your sweetheart -- "Many couples try to “solve” their problems, when in fact, many problems can’t be solved. How much time to spend with the in-laws, how to spend money, how to discipline children, who does various chores…these arguments will happen over and over. They aren’t problems that can be permanently fixed."
~ Blogging on the Brain: 4/18 [Developing Intelligence] -- Lots of good links.
~ Is Sacrifice in Relationships Related to Commitment and Functioning? -- "Most people make relationship sacrifices in one way or another, but I'm always suspect of people who specifically emphasise them. It's inevitable that one partner's interests in a relationship will clash with the other, perhaps only occasionally, perhaps frequently."
~ Anatomy of a Monster -- An interesting look at the killer in the Virginia Tech shootings.

~ Culture Vs Torture -- "What for some means culture for others might be a torture. Sometimes traditions of a small group, a tribe or even of a whole country, traditions that give their own identity and the diversity in this world can be a bit strange for the outsiders." Amazing photos.
~ Supreme Court upholds law banning some abortions -- "A closely divided U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld for the first time a nationwide ban on a specific abortion procedure, a ruling critics denounced as undermining 30 years of precedent protecting women's health."
~ Presidential Candidates Discuss Health Care Issues -- "Presidential candidates Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.), former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) and former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson (R) last week discussed health care issues. Summaries of their comments appear below."
~ The Fraudulence of Voter Fraud -- "In These Times Editor Joel Bleifuss provides a detailed overview of how the Bush administration has fabricated alarm about crimes that didn’t occur as a means to suppress Democratic voter turnout in elections."
Why Don't We Talk about Gun Control Anymore? -- Let the posturing begin -- "Remember the Democratic Revolution of '06? It ended this week. The court just ruled against abortion rights and for a ban that tells doctors how to treat their patients. Monday, it became glaringly obvious, again, that gun control is the only reasonable position to hold, yet even the Democratic power centers in Congress oppose it: Dean, Webb (who needed to have his gun in the Senate) and Reid." For the record, I support gun control.
~ Repeal the Second Amendment -- "The best way to reduce the odds of another blood bath like the one at Virginia Tech is to amend the Constitution and abolish the right to bear arms." Good luck with that.
~ Ex-Justice Official: Gonzales "Shattered" DOJ Integrity -- "Since the day he arrived at the Department of Justice in February 2005, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has "shattered" the department's tradition of independence and politicized its operation more than any other attorney general in more than 30 years. So says Daniel Metcalfe, a senior attorney at the department who retired in January, before the current controversy over the firing of US attorneys erupted."

~ Wins Outstanding Achievement In Website Development From Interactive Media Awards -- ", the Internet's premier resource for psychological advice, has won the Healthcare Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2007Interactive Media Awards. The judging panel, made up of Interactive Media Council members, scored the entries against five key criteria including design, content, usability, standards compliance and functionality."
~ Why Grass-Fed Beef Costs More -- "More often than not, I'm sharing advice with you regarding why organic foods are so crucial for your optimal health and where you can more easily find them, but not so much how those foods are nurtured, not engineered." Mmmmmm . . . beef . . .
~ 'Van Gogh' simulations give new insight into turbulent stars -- "Stunning simulations that give a multi-dimensional glimpse into the interior of stars show that material bubbling around the convection zone induces a rich spectrum of internal gravity waves in the stable layers above and below."
Ethanol: Energy Panacea or False Promise? -- "It's touted as clean, cheap and potentially plentiful. But this fuel from corn and waste products can also be bad for the environment and downright dangerous."
~ Newfound Fossils Reveal Secrets of World's Oldest Forest -- "A pair of newfound tree fossils is providing scientists unprecedented insight into what the world's earliest forests looked like."
~ Quantum Theory Fails Reality Checks -- "Update of classic experiment finds that "spooky action at a distance" goes hand in hand with unreality."
~ Hobbit Hominids Followed Island Rule -- "The diminutive hominids were small for an evolutionary reason."
~ Pre-Aztec Child Sacrifice Bones Found -- "Archaeologists uncover the remains of two dozen sacrificed Aztec children."

The Dark Side of the Authentic Self -- "There is a major downturn after "it" fades. If that is the right term. Fading I mean. The emergence (indigo/violet, 3rd-tier) fading. The Authentic Self sense dissipating in other words."
~ Buddhadharma 2.0: Dharma and Practice -- "In terms of enhancing dharma practice, I think we should avoid the thoughts that either “Buddhism is not complete as is” or “Buddhism is absolutely perfect as is”. I think if we took a good hard look we’d find the truth is not so black and white."
~ The Three Defilements -- "There are three so-called defilements in Buddhist psychology that are typically translated into English as greed, hate, and delusion. These three defilements are derived from the Buddha’s formulation of the Four Noble Truths. In accord with the Buddha’s teaching and the evidence of my own experience, they comprise the source of most human suffering."
~ Dharma Marketing -- "In Dharma Marketing, your goal is to satisfy needs at a psychological level – subconscious, so you act on the level of the psychological conflict which takes place before human will, focusing on what is previous to human will, i.e., on what precedes need and motivation."
~ Subpersonalities, shadow, and The Secret -- From Joe Perez at Until -- part of a dialogue on the Is Steve Pavlina Integral? discussion.

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