Friday, January 05, 2007

Speedlinking 1/5/07

Quote of the day:

"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Image of the day:

~ Spice Up Your Health This New Year -- "Using more herbs and spices and fewer traditional seasonings like sugar, salt and fat, can help to improve the overall health benefits and flavor of the foods we eat every day, says Suzanna Zick, N.D."
~ Cancer warning over stem cell therapies -- Sounds like we need to be cautious before embracing this new technoogy.
~ FTC Fines Weight Loss Pill Firms $25M -- Among the losers are TrimSpa and Xenedrine.
~ Research Says Sanitizers No Better Than Soap And Water -- But in the absence of soap and water, they're better than nothing, especially in the gym.
~ Gender affects genes' influence on blood pressure -- "Variations in genes that play a role in regulating heart rate and kidney function appear to affect blood pressure differently in men and women, new research suggests."
~ Be Very Careful Eating Chickens You Buy at the Supermarket -- Be sure that chicken is cleaned and fully cooked.

~ Online Prayer Helps Cancer Patients -- "Breast cancer patients who pray in online support groups get mental health benefits through reduced stress, a new study finds."
~ Glass Half Empty for Binge-Drinking Women -- Another look at this study here: What Gender Has to Do With Drinking and Depression.
~ 7 resolutions for sensational sex in '07 -- "Here is a menu of seven resolutions for 2007 that will go at least a little way toward making us the high rpm love machines we know we would be if only our partners were magically turned into Eva Longoria or that guy from Grey’s Anatomy."
~ Binge eating disorder can be persistent problem -- "Binge eating disorder may last much longer than the more well-established eating disorders of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, research shows."
~ Freedom is slavery looks at an article in the New York Times on free will. Another take here: Spinning Free Wheels.
~ Cognitive biases and the start of war -- "Foreign Policy magazine has an article by Daniel Kahneman and Jonathan Renshon on the role of cognitive biases in the decision to go to war." This post looks at that article.
~ The Self is an Archetype from Mushin at Love, Truth, Beauty.
~ From Anxious Living: Writing to Cope -- A very good post.

~ A Burning Silo film review: atanarjuat - the fast runner -- Loved this film.
~ Polio Is Four Countries Away From Total Eradication.
~ Pollsters, Strategists Laud Success Of Consulting Firm Advising Democratic Candidates To Speak About Reducing Abortions.
~ Jay Sekulow as Tonya Harding -- Pat Robertson's pit bull wants to take away the right of Americans to file suit on establishment issues (separation of church and state). It's part of their plan to create a theocracy.
~ Shared Intentionality in Human and Primate Cognition -- "There are many theories of how human behavior came to differ so profoundly from that of even our closest primate relatives - language, recursion, theory of mind, and enhanced working memory are just a few of the "critical components" that have been proposed as enabling human intelligence. A very different perspective, advocated by Tomasello and Carpenter, suggests that it is simply humans' extreme propensity for social interaction that is at the core of the evolution of human intelligence."
~ Democrats take power in US.
~ Pelosi: Proud Grandmother Makes History.

~ Warmer Seas Leave Fish Gasping -- "Warming oceans, one of the major consequences of global climate change, are making another marine species feel like a fish out of water, scientists report."
~ Free-Falling Atoms Offer New Test of Gravity's Strength: Technique promises a sharper view of the weakest force.
~ A greener city with less red tape.
~ Scientists Say 2007 May Be Warmest Yet.
~ Democrats take control of U.S. Congress, vow energy-fund reallocation -- Let's hope.
~ Mysterious Object Crashes Through Roof -- very strange -- "Authorities were trying to identify a mysterious metallic object that crashed through the roof of a house in eastern New Jersey."
~ ebuddha links to Worldchanging: What's Next at WorldChanging - 32 Perspectives Look Ahead.

~ Samfar at Open Integral dismantles the lunacy of Singularity theory in An Inconsiderable Failure (Re-Edit).
~ Matthew Dallman gives an update on the progress of his integral artistry book: ME, MY BOOK, THE TIME FOR IT.
~ Joe Perez takes a look at intersubjectivity using Chris Dierkes post on Sam Harris as a jumping off point: The spiritual path where Reality gets crucified.
~ Prerational and Transrational Spirituality: The Difference Is? -- A discussion at the Zaadz I-I pod.

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Nagarjuna said...

Bill, your MLK quote reminds me of these wise words from General Omar Bradley:

"We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing that we know about living."