Thursday, January 04, 2007

And the Obama Bashing Begins

Well, it must be sign of Barack Obama's impending super stardom that the wingnuts are already trying to trash his reputation. And who would you most expect to be doing the trashing? That's right -- far far faaaar right -- Faux News.

It seems that the MSM has finally realized that Obama wrote another book eleven years ago about his experiences growing up. In that book he admits to cocaine use, smoking pot, and living the life of a black inner city kid on his way to nothing good. Personally, I totally identify with Obama's youthful experiences -- hell, I was a much worse kid than he was and I turned out (sort of) okay.

So, of course, Faux News, who couldn't be bothered to actually read the book and respond critically to its message of redemption through religious faith, took the WaPo article as a jumping off point to trash Obama and call him a drug addict as many times and in as many ways as they could.
[Andrew] Napolitano went so far as to suggest that Obama had been a drug addict, saying voters will ask themselves, "Do we want somebody like that in the White House, who was addicted to drugs in his teen-aged years?" [Steve] Doocy corrected him that it was unclear whether Obama was "addicted," but the damage was done.

Doocy himself then insisted that Obama was "kind of boasting" about not having used heroin, although it's not clear how Doocy would know that since he hasn't read the book.

You can watch the video clip as provided by News Hounds:

The coolest part of this video is when Kiran Chetry goes way off topic to mention GWB's coke use and alcohol problems. The others try valiantly to get her back on topic -- trashing Obama.

Anyway, I really think this dumbass crap is going to come back to haunt the right. Barack Obama is that rarest of American icons -- a devoutly religious man who has pulled himself up from the depths of drug use and hopelessness to become a well-spoken leader capable of inspiring us to strive to be our best selves.

You can't create that and you can't bottle it -- it's the scent of greatness.

Now, it's a whole other question as to whether or not Obama wants that burden and whether or not Americans are ready for a Black president. The next few months will be very interesting.

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