Thursday, August 31, 2006

Speedlinking 8/31/06

~ Image of the day, "Restriction," by Niekie000 at deviantART.

This will just be the highlights today -- not enough time to give you all the full treatment. But this is just a warm-up for me being out of town all of next week. Blogging will be lite and intermittent.

~ Dashh links to a discussion between Andrew Cohen and Tom Clark ( on "Evolutionary Enlightenment . . . ." He laments the fact that Ken Wilber never really engages with anyone who disagrees with him as Cohen does here.

~ Dave at Via Negativa takes note of the passing of Naguib Mahfouz, a brilliant novelist.

~ Alan Cook at Milinda's Questions posts some text by David Chalmers in explaining consciousness as one moves from humans down the complexity scale.

~ CJ Smith at Indistinctunion gives us some background on who he is and what he's up to these days. Do go read this, CJ is an interesting man.

He also has a great post on Consciousness: Ultimate Mystery and semi-understandable form -- check it out.

~ ebuddha at Integral Practice notifies us that we can now download public domain books for free from Google. This is very cool, and sure to piss off publishers. I'm sure that within a few years, most everything not in copyright will be available online.

~ Humergence has an interesting post regarding a new social psychology study. I haven't had time to look into the original material, but it looks like it fits within accepted in-group, out-group models, which tend to support Clare Graves' theories.

~ Intent Blog posts an article by DK Matai on the Buddha's Eightfold Path. It's a good introduction.

~ Also from Intent Blog, you can watch a trailer of Deepak Chopra's new film, How to Know God.

~ Alexis at Zaadz has some more humor, this time of the Zen variety.

~ Eddie K from Live will be joining Ken Wilber on his NYC trip next week. I'd love to see Eddie K perform.

~ Brian at Zaadz posts an email exchange between Michael Strong and John Mackey -- it gets all integral and stuff.

~ Looks like McCain faces a serious challenge if Giuliani decides to run -- in fact, he trails Rudy in the most recent polls.

~ Cigarette companies can't trick kids into smoking in the same way, and more people want to quit, so they are raising the nicotine levels in their products -- a lot -- to make them more addictive. So why is this crap still legal and cocaine, pot, and LSD aren't? The NY Times has en editorial on it.

~ In case you thought there was pay equity in this country, think again. The oil company executives averaged $32.7 million in earnings in 2005. That's for one person, not an African nation. As long as we pay people that kind of money, we will never be a truly democratic nation.

That's a wrap.

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