Thursday, June 08, 2006


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I am grateful for amazing guitarists and violinists.

I am grateful that I can be as condescnding as I accuse others of being and hear it when it is pointed out to me. That's a new development in the last few months.

As much as I am concerned that Ken Wilber's newest response to his critics will damage the integral movement and turn off many who do not know his history with the critics, I remain forever grateful that he has the Big Compassionate Balls, as ~C4 would say, to put himself in a position where he becomes an easy target for morons. I understand his anger, and I understand the need to vent once a decade or so, and I wish he could have done it differently. If he had at least given a couple of clear examples of times he had listened to his critics, or if he had trashed specific arguments, but he didn't. ebuddha details the arugments used, and why they fail to convince.

A year ago I would have been loving every minute of Ken's attack. So I am grateful that I no longer take joy in seeing idiots skewered -- well, sort of, now I just feel guilty about it.

I am eternally grateful for those kind people who offered to read my Integral Buddhism paper. I've already gotten an excellent set of comments, and I look forward to the others.

What are you grateful for?

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~C4Chaos said...

i'm grateful for this blog post.

william harryman said...

thanks, ~C4


Kak√° said...

Thanks for the post!!

Definilly I'm grateful for every moment I live in the present...