Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friday Five: Life

[This weeks Friday Five over at Zaadz was a good question. The answers, for better or worse, will allow you to know me better. So I have decided to post my answers here.]

From holy memes and kosmic blog starters: It’s week 6 for the Friday Five! We give five questions, and Zaadzsters answer them in their blogs. Join in! Tag your blog with the words “friday five” and let the pod know you posted. And if you have an idea for next week’s Friday Five, send them to suzanne. Scatter the seeds!

Last week’s was about death, so this week is all about LIFE!

1) What is life to you? What does it mean to truly live?
Life is food, drink, and sex.
Life is family, friends, tradition, and stories.
Life is power, control, wealth, and respect.
Life is service, structure, karma, and love.
Life is independence, thinking, success, and progress.
Life is compassion, equality, freedom, sacrifice, and acceptance.
Life is chaos, flow, awareness, integration, and bodhichitta.
Life is harmony, interconnectedness, Eros & Agape, and global networks.

Tasting all of these things is being truly alive.

2) Name five reasons to get up in the morning.
To turn off that damn alarm. Uh, okay, better reasons.
1. Kira
2. To be alive
3. To serve my clients
4. To experience nature
5. To make money to take vacations

3) If a friend was struggling to find a reason to live, what would you tell them?
Well, it depends on where they might fall in the Spiral of human values. See list from number one. Once you know what they value, then you know why they would want to live. Losing the will to live is losing touch with who we are and what makes us feel alive. I know because I've been there.

4) What are some of the most life-changing experiences you’ve had?
Death of my father. Drug and alcohol addiction. End of an early relationship that I surrendered myself to in all the wrong ways. Learning to allow myself to trust and be vulnerable with another human being (Kira). Giving up a steady reliable job that was killing me to be self-employed.

5) What are some things you can do/are doing to affirm life?
Learning to love as deeply and honestly as I can. Meditating as often as I can. Helping people change their lives and their images of what they are capable of doing. Eating ice cream. Praying. Exploring whatever life brings my way. Being in nature whenever I can. Learning to be vulnerable.

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