Friday, March 17, 2006

Gratitude, Day 9

Today I am grateful to be in a city with a subway system. Tucson is all spread out and has no mass transit program other than buses. No freeway, no rail, no subway. So, today I am grateful for a subway in D.C.

I am also grateful for a nice dinner with a new friend. Good food and stimulating conversation at the end of a long, eventful day.

What are you grateful for?


kira said...

Last week I found out that a freelance project which is currently my main source of income is likely to dry up sometime in the next month. I instantly became anxious, but then I got an intuitive hit that things would work out fine. Today I received word about two new projects and the possibility of a lot more work, probably as much as I'd like. I'm grateful for the work, as well as for a growing certainty that becoming self-employed two years ago was a very good decision. I knew right from the start that separating from office politics and rigid work hours was good for me, but I'm just now starting to trust the financial aspect of self-employment.

Umguy said...

Humor. Laughing at life always makes it better.

Mr. Technic said...


Listen to this.

There're numberless things in life to be grateful for.

And this brings up question of how we devote our sense of gratitude, to whom and where is the individual?

I know its God we'd say, and that's nice. All or most of us feel better reclining our minds subconsciously that God is many light years out there caring for us.

But take note when good things happen we say God is good, and on disastrous we say its his will. Why is that? Are we wrong in thinking that way, is God operating totally differently from what we're told?

Yes, why would a loving creator allows such bad things to indiscriminately take us out with much death, pain and suffering.

Are we wrong to accept such

excuses that constitute God's will making even innocent folks suffer, and is all that fulfil His promises to care for those who do His will?