Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Is God Irrelevant - Atheism and Belief

From Bookforum's Omnivore blog comes this interesting assortment of links on all things atheism and faith. One of the highlights is a Julian Baggini review (in The Guardian) of Atheists: The Origin of the Species by Nick Spencer.

Another interesting link is from Steven Douglas Smith (University of San Diego School of Law), Is God Irrelevant?  Here's the abstract:
This essay, written for a symposium on Ronald Dworkin’s recent posthumous book Religion Without God, argues that Dworkin misunderstands the way theists typically think God relates to “morality.” The essay sketches a subjectivist (or “super-subjectivist”) account of morality that arguably better fits the understanding of believers in the biblical tradition than does Dworkin’s more objectivist account.
There are other good links as well.

God irrelevant

Jun 2 2014

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