Saturday, March 29, 2014

20 Best TED Talks - Readers’ Poll Results (via Vice)

This is awesome . . . especially #s 9, 11, 15, 19, and 20. Thank you Vice.


20 Best TED Talks

Readers’ Poll Results

By Sean Tejaratchi | Mar 25 2014

With more than 1,600 online videos that collectively have over a billion views, the world of TED Talks can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. To help, we asked our readers to submit their picks for the 20 most informative, provocative, and inspiring TED Talks in the fields of technology, entertainment, and design. We received more than 12,000 ballots, and now we’re pleased to share the results.

The Future of Sex Zoos: Balancing Fetish, Innovation, and Conservation, Bill Gates

How to Fight a Cow Col. Frank Tuplin

Community-Based Arson Initiatives: Ideas at Work Taureen Helms

What a Courageous Georgia Cat Breeder Can Teach Us About Eugenics Dr. Barbara Mershepp, PhD

Wireless Headset Mics: What We’ve Learned, What’s Still to Come Klefton Marbell

How to Fight a Chimp Col. Frank Tuplin

Love Will Turn You Around: Ten Days to Mind-Blowing Anal Sex Kenny Rogers

How to Dispose of a Chimp’s Body Col. Frank Tuplin

Shitting Underwater Pavel Gibbons

The Secret Language of Scarfs Dr. Beautrice Garmin, MD

Rethinking the Idea of “Rethinking” Sween Griggs

Why Parasites Target Hollywood Royalty Dr. Vikram Parmalat, MD

What Life with a Slightly Larger Head Has Taught Me About Diversity Anacin Shroeper

Raising a Drug-Free Child—the Hamas Way Uffrica Lofgren

Emerging Markets in Suburban Bush Meat Prius Ramsey-Shilling

Milk Trends Brayff Johnson

The Wordless Art of Claw Gestures Nuncy Thamber

WomenTalk: Women Talking to Women About Being Women Umoja Holmo

This World Exists for My Pleasure: The Power of Quantum Affirmations Dr. Dodd Olper, PhD

Rabbits: Nature’s Furry Pieces of Shit Dr. Björn Karensdottir, PhD
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