Sunday, November 17, 2013

Remapping the Self: Neuroscience Gets Personal - Erika Casriel at TEDxNavesink

A brief but interesting talk from TEDx Navesink. Erika Casriel, an investigative journalist, has worked on staff at Rolling StoneVanity Fair and Forbes MediaCritic. She has written free-lance for such publications as the American ProspectNatural Awakenings and Psychology Today, for which she wrote a cover story on overcoming shyness.

Remapping the Self: Neuroscience Gets Personal: Erika Casriel at TEDxNavesink

Published on Nov 16, 2013

Erika Casriel, investigative journalist and psychologist, discusses how self, previously thought to be the single "man in the machine" is being reconsidered as not just a single conductor, but a small orchestra of collaborative psychological functions.

"Remapping the Self," is about shifting the way we relate to our thoughts and emotions. In a raft of books such as Strangers to Ourselves: Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious, academic psychologists have been seeking to free us from our habits of self-delusion. These psychologists are rattling the bars of the safe mental cages we prefer to inhabit. I have tried to glimpse my own unconscious processes at work, and am excited and yes, embarrassed to report back to you on what I have seen.

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