Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shrink Rap Radio #323 – Aikido, Empathy, and Neurodiversity with Sensei Nick Walker, M.A.

Very cool discussion.

[NOTE: As of 11 am this morning, Oct. 27, Shrink Rap Radio seems to be offline - hopefully they will resolve whatever issues they are having soon.]

[UPDATE: 6:30 pm and it seems to be working again.]

Nick Walker, the subject of this interview with Dr. Van Nuys, is part of Antero Alli's Paratheatrical Research spiritual exploration and performance group - a medium "that combines techniques of physical theater, voice, and meditation to access and express the internal landscape in non-performance labs and various types of  performance vehicles." I spoke with Alli a few times when he lived in Seattle and was publishing a little poetry and spirituality newspaper called Talking Raven (191-1995) - interesting human being.

The videos mentioned below are available through the Paratheatrical Research site linked to above.

Shrink Rap Radio #323 – Aikido, Empathy, and Neurodiversity with Sensei Nick Walker, M.A.

Dr. David Van Nuys
Posted on October 26, 2012

Nick Walker received his M.A. in Somatic Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies, where he now teaches in the undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies program. He holds the rank of 6th Dan (6th degree black belt) in aikido, and has taught the art of aikido to adults, teens, and children for over 30 years. He is founder and senior instructor of the Aikido Shusekai dojo in Berkeley, California. Since 1996, he has been a core member of the experimental physical theatre group Paratheatrical Research. Some of his work with Paratheatrical Research is chronicled in director Antero Alli’s documentary films Crux (1999), Orphans of Delirium (2004), and Dreambody/Earthbody (2012). He is a dedicated autism rights activist, and has been deeply involved with the Neurodiversity Movement for over a decade. He is a teacher, trainer, speaker, and consultant on a wide range of topics, including somatics, embodiment, autism, neurodiversity, conflict transformation, creativity, and transformative learning.

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