Monday, October 01, 2012

Lawrence Krauss and Roy Sorensen on Origins and Nothingness

This is a cool discussion from with Lawrence Krauss and Roy Sorensen talking about origins of life, the universe, and everything . . . and nothingness. If the embedded video does not work, follow the title link to the site to watch it.

Lawrence Krauss and Roy Sorensen

Lawrence Krauss (left) and Roy Sorensen (right) on origins and nothingness
How did our universe get to be the way it is? Has our universe always existed, or did it arise from nothing? Is it even possible for something to come from nothing? Lawrence Krauss has argued that physicists have discovered some of the answers to these ancient philosophical questions; Krauss’s ideas are controversial among certain philosophers. In this conversation, Roy Sorensen and Krauss consider the connections between Darwinian evolution and Krauss’s views (13:50), discuss whether the scientific worldview is particularly depressing (22:41), examine the meaning of questions about “something rather than nothing” (35:25), and explore the nature of nothingness (47:18).  
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