Thursday, March 08, 2012

The New School - Mind-Body Healing Through the Arts

Here are three of four videos in a series from The New School introducing their creative art therapy certificate program. I'm sure the 4th lecture will be posted soon, so check back to their YouTube page - there are a lot of other col lectures, as well.

Mind-Body Healing Through the Arts: Session 1 - Introducing the Healing Empowerment Center

Creative arts therapy is rapidly gaining recognition as an essential part of health care in the United States. By tapping into expressive aspects of body, mind, and spirit through modalities such as music, sound, imagery, role, and movement, creative art therapists facilitate self-actualization and healing. In Mind-Body Healing Through the Arts, a lecture/demonstration series presented at The New School, prominent creative arts therapists discuss principles and practice.

The first lecture/panel discussion introduces the Healing Empowerment Center, a final thesis project by the late Sam Hanser, a graduate of Parsons' Architecture and Design program. The center offers a new model for mind-body healing in which the clinical environment is an integral part of the healing prescription. The presentation touches on sustainable design, an East/West mind-body healing approach, somatic therapy, and spirituality as crucial elements in healing.

The panel features world-renowned experts including Sam Hanser's mother, Suzanne Hanser, EdD, MT-BC, director of the Music Therapy Program at Berklee College of Music; Jean Gardner, PhD, an art historian, author, consultant on sustainable design, and professor in Parsons' School of Constructed Environments; Robert Norwood, senior associate and designer at NBBJ architecture firm; and Louise Montello, DA, LCAT, LP, MT-BC, director of Performance Wellness, Inc., and of the Creative Arts Therapy program at The New School.


Mind-Body Healing Through the Arts: Session 2 - Treat Your Voice Holistically

Mind-Body Healing Through the Arts: Session 3 - Language, Shame, and the Body with Adolescents in Acute Psychiatry

Adam Reynolds, MA, LCAT, DTR, and Jeremy Segall, MA, LCAT, DTR

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