Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tucson - Crazy Wisdom (Life of Chogyam Trungpa) with Director Johanna Demetrakas

Very cool to have this film actually show in Tucson - more cool to have the director here for a question and answer session withe audience!

You can also read my brief review of the film.
Crazy Wisdom with Director Johanna Demetrakas in Person!
The Loft Cinema, Saturday, March 3, 2012 @ 7:00 P.M.
Crazy Wisdom Movie Poster

CRAZY WISDOM is the long-awaited feature documentary to explore the life, teachings, and "crazy wisdom" of Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, a pivotal figure in bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West. Called a genius, rascal, and social visionary; 'one of the greatest spiritual teachers of the 20th century,' and 'the bad boy of Buddhism,' Trungpa defied categorization.

Raised and trained in the rigorous Tibetan monastic tradition, Trungpa came to the West and shattered our preconceived notions about how an enlightened teacher should behave - he openly smoked, drank, and had intimate relations with students - yet his teachings are recognized as authentic, vast, and influential.

For 17 years in North America, Trungpa taught Buddhism as though it were a matter of life and death. He was committed to creating the foundation from which to build an enlightened society. Allen Ginsberg considered him his guru; Thomas Merton wanted to write a book with him; Joni Mitchell wrote a song about him.

Filmed in the UK, Tibet, Canada, & the US, twenty years after Trungpa’s death, with unprecedented access and exclusive archival material, CRAZY WISDOM looks at the man and the myths about him, and attempts to set the record straight. "It wasn't what he taught, it was how he taught," says Pema Chodron, author, teacher, former student of Trungpa.

So fasten your seat-belts and get ready to meet Chogyam Trungpa!
  • Meet CRAZY WISDOM director Johanna Demetrakas in person at a post-film Q&A on Saturday, March 3rd at 7:00 p.m.!
  • "The late Chogyam Trungpa's very colorful life makes for a most engaging narrative." - Dennis Harvey, VARIETY
  • "A provocative account of Trungpa's global odyssey ... insightful and often entertaining." - Justin Lowe, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
  • "(Director) Demetrakas has decided to simply present the man in all his demanding complexities and let him and his encounters with associates speak for themselves." - Kenneth Turan, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES
Read an interview with director Johanna Demetrakas:

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