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IONS - "Evidence-Based Spirituality" with Charles Tart

This podcast with Charles Tart is a year old, but it's worth listening to - Dr. Tart is one of the founders of a scientific investigation of spirituality and spiritual states of consciousness. This comes from the Institute of Noetic Sciences library.

"Evidence-Based Spirituality" with Charles Tart

Visionary: Charles T. Tart, PhD

"Evidence-Based Spirituality" with Charles Tart Given that it's reasonable to be both scientific and spiritual in approaching life, just exactly  what does this mean?  How do we apply the best of science and the best of spirituality to each other to work toward what Tart likes to call "evidence-based spirituality for the 21st century," a practical  spirituality that works in life and is compatible with science?  Could research in the right spirit, e.g., tell us that if we have cancer it would be better to have, say, Baptists praying for us rather than Buddhists, but perhaps the opposite for Parkinson's?  Or can we expand the evidence for reincarnation enough to deal with the question of how much karma affects next lives, such that we will live really believing that we reap what we sow, even if the harvest is delayed for a lifetime or more?

The idea of evidence-based or at least evidence-enriched spirituality is audacious, preposterous, inspiring --- and absolutely needed!  Better answers need to be discovered, they aren't in, and there is real resistance to even thinking about this, but if we don't get some answers that are effective, there may not be much life left to mankind after the 21st century, we may have destroyed our planet by greed and stupidity if we don't get a practical spirituality that makes us really care about each other and the world.  Professor Tart shares some ideas to get us started thinking about this direction of evolution, and then draw us out to give us even more possibilities….
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Publication Date: 2011-01-12
Length: 00:58:16

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