Thursday, December 15, 2011

TEDxOjaiWomen - Alana Sheeren - Owning Our Grief

The speaker in this TEDx talk is primarily relating a female perspective and experience, but the issue of owning and living with our grief is important for all of us.

On an unrelated note: I have seen several TEDx women conferences, but not a single one for men. That needs to change.

Alana Sheeren - Owning Our Grief

About this talk:
How does grief shape our lives? Does the way we experience it make a difference? Using personal stories, Alana opens up new ways of looking at grief and encourages us to stay open to its gifts and lessons.

Alana Sheeren believes in love, beauty and the transformative power of grief. After the stillbirth of her son she began writing about her personal journey into grief and whole-self healing. A Reiki Master with a MA degree in clinical and community psychology and a BFA in theater, Alana partners with women through the dance of grief, both individually and in healing retreats.

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Dipika said...

Straight from the heart, human. Thank you.