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Cindy Wigglesworth - Measuring Spiritual Intelligence

Cindy Wigglesworth has created the first validated and integrally-based measure for Spiritual Intelligence. The page I am posting here is party an advertisement of sorts to get us to buy our own personal assessment. But she also explains what she means by spiritual intelligence and what she is trying to measure.

It's a useful introduction to the topic - and if you want to buy your own personal assessment, there are links to do so. There is also a link to a SQ Glossary. There is also a handful of articles available at the site.

"SQ" or Spiritual Intelligence is defined by CPI as "the ability to behave with Wisdom and Compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the circumstances."

Spiritual Intelligence is an innate human intelligence – but like any intelligence it must be developed. This means that we can describe it and measure it by looking at the skills or competencies that comprise Spiritual Intelligence. Cindy Wigglesworth, founder of CPI, has created the first ever competency-based Spiritual Intelligence assessment instrument – a comprehensive, faith-neutral, expertly developed and tested model. CPI’s Spiritual Intelligent assessment will help you:

  • Test your current level of Spiritual Intelligence or “SQ”
  • Learn the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence
  • Discover the next steps to develop your Spiritual Intelligence

After you complete the Spiritual Intelligence assessment, you will receive your report via email as a PDF file of about 20 pages in length (the assessment takes about 30 minutes). The report will give you detailed feedback on your current level of skill development on all 21 skills of spiritual intelligence, and will suggest "next steps to consider" to help you develop your SQ skills (all voluntary of course!).

To take CPI’s fun and expertly developed SQ Assessment and to get your 20 page report, click here now. (After purchasing you will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions).

NOTE: If you have already purchased an SQ Assessment and have your password please click here to complete your Assessment.

A Simple Model of Multiple Intelligences:
CPI uses more than one model of multiple intelligences, but this one is a good one to start with since it is the simplest. It begins with Physical Intelligence or “PQ” – which is our earliest focus (think learning to crawl!), then IQ or logical and verbal intelligences – which is the focus of our educational system, and then Emotional Intelligence or EQ. If you are not familiar with Emotional Intelligence we highly recommend any book by Daniel Goleman – but especially Working with Emotional Intelligence. EQ has been found to be more predictive of success in the business world than IQ. IQ appears to act as a “gateway to entry”…if you don’t have a minimum IQ you can’t enter the field…so you need a minimum IQ to become a lawyer or a nurse, for example. But once you are in – what distinguishes star performers is their EQ. Goleman, Boyatzis, and The Hay Group have developed an instrument that measures Emotional Competencies (the skills of EQ). CPI offers this measurement instrument.

Pyramid showing SQ, EQ

Spiritual and Emotional Intelligences
CPI believes that EQ and SQ are related but different intelligences. We believe that you need “at least a little EQ” to authentically begin a spiritual journey. Specifically, a little self-awareness and empathy is needed to start! But once you begin your spiritual practices, SQ can be very reinforcing of EQ growth, and EQ growth can then nourish SQ growth…so they are positively reinforcing each other. Visually it would look like this:

Measuring SQ or Spiritual Intelligence
We believe that Spiritual Intelligence skills can be broken into 4 Quadrants:

  1. Higher Self / Ego self Awareness
  2. Universal Awareness (awareness of interconnectness, etc)
  3. Higher Self / Ego self Mastery
  4. Spiritual Presence / Social Mastery

Each quadrant has approximately 5 skills in it. Each skill has 4 or 5 levels of “skills attainment.” For example:

Sample skill from Quadrant 1: Higher Self/Ego self Awareness

Spritual Awareness Skill: Awareness of Ego self and Spirit Self / Higher Self
Levels of proficiency in this skill:
1 I can communicate an understanding of the psychological impact of family, roles and culture on Ego self (sometimes called Personality self)
2 I demonstrate an ability to observe my own Ego in operation and comment on what seems to trigger my own “Ego eruptions”
3 I demonstrate an awareness of and ability to periodically "listen to" Spirit or Higher Self as a separate voice from Ego self *
4 I can hear the voice of Spirit or Higher Self clearly and understand the "multiple voices" that Ego self can have. I give authority to the voice of my Higher Self in important decisions. *
5 My Spirit or Higher Self voice is clear and consistent. Authority is consistently given to Spirit Self. My Ego self is present and is in sustained joyful service to Higher Self.*

*Note that the inner voices I refer to here are not in any way pathological or signs of psychosis. These are the “voices” of our own nature which debate with us, criticize us, and tell us why we shouldn’t do things. One author refers to this committee of critics as his internal “board of directors.” The “voice” of our Spirit Self is, in contrast, typically a quiet voice – easily ignored in the loud noise of ego voices. Yet it is this quiet Spirit voice which is the voice of our hope, our conscience, our source of ethical courage, and our guidance system when we need to know “What should I do?”

To take Cindy Wigglesworth’s fun and expertly developed Spiritual Intelligence Assessment and to get your 20 page report, click here now. (After purchasing you will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions)

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