Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buddhist Geeks 228: There is No Enemy (Ken McLeod)

This week, Vince spoke with Buddhist teacher and author Ken McLeod - in addition to being a translator and author, Ken is the executive director of Unfettered Mind, a Buddhist service organization that provides instruction, training programs, and guidance in Buddhist methods for being awake and present in your life.

BG 228: There is No Enemy

by Ken McLeod

BG 228: There is No Enemy
“Obstacles in your path should not be regarded as obstacles. They are simply features of the landscape which have to be negotiated.” – Ken McLeod

This week’s episode is taken from the recent Buddhist Geeks Conference, where Ken McLeod–a well known Buddhist teacher and management consultant–spoke about moving beyond ‘us vs. them,’ embracing the mystery of the human condition, and changing the world. Ken speaks about the futility of fighting our lives, explores what it means to make an something an enemy, and how to realize that there is no enemy. He shares many helpful suggesting in creating what he calls “a toolkit for change.”

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