Monday, August 15, 2011

Buddhist Geeks 226: The Buddhist Teachers Council (Martin Aylward)

Interesting new podcast from the Buddhist Geeks - a look at the controversy around the 2011 Buddhist Teachers Council with one of the teachers who was there.
Buddhist Geeks 226: The Buddhist Teachers Council
08. Aug, 2011 by Martin Aylward

Episode Description:

BG 226: The Buddhist Teachers CouncilWe’re joined this week by vipassana teacher Martin Alyward to hear his perspective on the Buddhist Teachers Council, a recent gathering of Western teachers that was held at the Garrison Institute. Martin was part of the group of next generation teachers who met with pioneering teachers to explore how they might better support one another. In addition to exploring some of what happened at the teachers council we speak about some of the intense reactions, particularly in the blogosphere, that this gathering incited.

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