Sunday, July 03, 2011

TEDxOverlake - Krissy Moehl - Life in Motion: Learning through Movement

This is a cool TED Talk - any time we challenge ourselves physically, we have an opportunity to learn new skills and discover new resources within ourselves. I am not a runner (I can't imagine a worse form of exercise for my body), but I could say many of these same things about weight training. Once we know which activity fits our bodies, we can then explore the range of possible lessons with which that activity challenges us.

TEDxOverlake - Krissy Moehl - Life in Motion: Learning through Movement
For over 10 years top ranked ultra-marathoner Krissy Moehl has participated in and won ultra-trail events around the world ranging from 50km to 103 miles. She enjoys both the physical and mental transformations these miles bring to life.

Alongside her passion, Krissy worked full-time in marketing for two outdoor industry companies, and fulfilled a three year commitment to a non-profit working to protect wild spaces. In 2010, her running offered a major life change, and with a leap of faith and hard work Krissy pursued running as a profession. The lessons learned on the trails about persistence, openness and serenity with surroundings continue to guide Krissy down this unknown path. She is passionate, excitable and humbled by the all that life has to offer.

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