Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nature Neuroscience - June, 2011 Neuropod Podcast

Some good stuff in this month's podcast from Nature's neuroscience podcast. I was especially interested in the segments on ketamine for depression and on mindwandering.

NeuroPod, June 2011

In this episode:

Here is a little background on Neuropod:

NeuroPod is the neuroscience podcast from Nature, produced in association with the Dana Foundation. Each month, join us as we delve into the latest research on the brain, from its molecular makings to the mysteries of the mind. We'll also be bringing you the latest news from neuroscience conferences around the globe, along with special reports on hot areas in neuroscience.

For complete access to the original papers featured in NeuroPod, subscribe to Nature, Nature Neuroscience, and Nature Reviews Neuroscience.

Meet the presenter

Kerri SmithSelf-confessed neurogeek Kerri Smith joined Nature in 2006 after completing an MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College London. She also co-presents the weekly Nature Podcast and is part of the team that produce Nature's other podcasts. Before finding her way to Nature she was at the University of Oxford, where she took a degree in human sciences and an MSc in Neuroscience. Although she spends most of her time podcasting, the news team sometimes let her write stories about neuroscience and other bits of biology. In the past she has been a freelance contributor to various publications including New Scientist and The Times.

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