Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bon Jovi's New Restaurant Is Pay-What-You-Can

Good for Jon - nice that he can offer this format. Maybe others who are not in it for the profit (and/or don't need the profit) will do something similar. Featured at Take Part: Inspiration to Action.

Bon Jovi's New Restaurant Is Pay-What-You-Can

By Megan Bedard

Hungry for Change

For anyone who's living on a prayer—or looking to give love a good name—a new opportunity is springing up in Red Bank, New Jersey: it's Jon Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen, a restaurant where patrons pay what they can afford and volunteers help run the restaurant.

The Soul Kitchen, which will enjoy a grand opening this Spring, is founded on the principle that a healthy meal can feed the soul. Diners can pick any item on the menu and pay what they're able. Patrons who don't have money can volunteer an hour of their time in the kitchen to cover the cost of their meal, and anyone who can afford to give a little more than the recommended donation of $10 will be helping to feed someone with less means.

Most importantly, stresses the Kitchen's website, the restaurant is a place for conversation and community. Volunteer staff serve diners with respect and friendliness, and patrons are encouraged to meet and greet new friends.

Check out the Soul Kitchen's video.

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