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Wangchen Rinpoche - How Purification Works

The Nyungne Method of
Thousand-Armed Chenrezig
by Wangchen Rinpoche

Dharma Quote of the Week

How Purification Works
During Nyungne [fasting] practice, true purification is possible primarily because of the power of Chenrezig's compassion and blessing, as well as our faith, devotion, and correct motivation to do the practice. When such causes and conditions come together, a result inevitably occurs, and this result is understood as the interdependently-arising nature of all phenomena.

For the most part, enlightened and unenlightened phenomena all arise due to this interdependently-arising nature. As a spiritual practitioner, the basic qualities one must bring to the practice are faith, devotion, and a trust in the power of the practice and Chenrezig. These qualities stem from our own pure nature of mind, a purity that is identical to Chenrezig's heart, that is, unceasing love and compassion. When these two things are combined together, our devotion and faith and Chenrezig's love and compassion, one could say miracles happen; a true purification takes place.

It has been said that when one is sitting before the mandala of Chenrezig, one should believe that although Chenrezig is not physically visible to us, in fact he is really there in front of us. Just as we would be very careful of our thoughts and behavior if we were in the presence of a powerful and clairvoyant enlightened guru, in the same way we must generate vigilance so that we don't act shamefully in front of this great being. If we develop such vigilance and noble habit, then our negativities will automatically decrease. (p.11)

--from Buddhist Fasting Practice: The Nyungne Method of Thousand-Armed Chenrezig by Wangchen Rinpoche, published by Snow Lion Publications

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