Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buddhist Geeks 203: Entrepreneur as Bodhisattva (Rohan Gunatillake interviews Nick Jankel)

Rohan Gunatillake of 21awake.com sits in for Vince Horn this week and interviews Nick Jankel, a "spiritual entrepreneur." Business with soul might be another way to look at it.

BG 203: Entrepreneur as Bodhisattva
10. Jan, 2011 by Nick Jankel

Episode Description:

This week guest host Rohan Gunatillake of 21awake.com interviews spiritual entrepreneur Nick Jankel. They explore the notion of “enlightened entrepreneurship,” discussing why it is that spirituality and business often seem at such odds. Nick shares some of his own background and aim in business and speaks about the secular path of an entrepreneur as bodhisattva. The conversation winds down with a discussion of the “cult of the individual” and how egoic behavior is so often rewarded in business, the nature of unhealthy power in enterprise, and a call to a more peer-to-peer form of spirituality.

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