Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Buddhist Geeks #176: The Place of the Erotic (Christopher Titmuss)

I read one Christopher Titmuss's books years ago and really enjoyed it - can't remember which one it was for the life of me.

Buddhist Geeks #176: The Place of the Erotic

BG 176: The Place of the Erotic

14. Jun, 2010 by Christopher Titmuss

Episode Description:

We’re joined this week by Insight meditation teacher and engaged activist Christopher Titmuss. Our main topic of exploration is the place of sexuality, eros, and love in the practice of Dharma. Contained within that topic we explore what is often meant by the word ‘desire’ in English, and how that differs from the what the Buddha taught as the source of suffering, tanha (often translated as thirst or craving).

Christopher explains some of the historical reasons that Buddhism has not be able to provide many helpful suggestions concerning sexuality, and also challenges what he sees as a common orthodox among Western teachers and practitioners in regards to sexuality and relationships. We conclude our conversation by exploring the importance—in a cultural climate where long-term monogamous relationships are becoming more and more rare—of treating the ending of relationships with greater care. “How,” Christopher asks, “if we are ending a relationship, can we make a transition from intimacy to that of a caring friendship?”

This is part 1 of a two-part series.

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