Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogisattva Awards Are Back - Nominations Are Open!

Gladly, the Blogisattva Awards are back. Tom Armstrong began this tradition a few years back, and after a hiatus (see here), the tradition is returning with

Nominations Are Open!

Feel free to use the Submit Nomination tab to nominate your favorite bloggers /blogs. The nominations are open for the time frame of Dec 1, 2009 to this Nov 1, 2010; so there is still plenty of blogging to do before the finalists are announced. We have already had quite a few entries!

We will finish up all the details soon and they will be made available up on the guidelines tab.

We still need a couple of folks to finish filling out the rest of the panel, so if you are interested please contact us at this email address. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to make them here in the comment section or send us an email. (edit: The panel has been filled, thanks for everyone's interest!)

One last item, if you would like to have a logo for people to click on your blog so they can nominate you, or another blogger, you can use the following graphic and point it to

Thanks and good luck!
Here is the list of categories:
Blog of the year, Svaha!

Best Post of the Year

Best Achievement in Skilled Writing

Best Achievement Blogging on Buddhist Practice or Dharma

Best Buddhist Practice Blog

Best "Life" Blog

Best Blogging on Matters Philosophical, Psychological or Scientific

Best Achievement in Kind and Compassionate Blogging

Best Achievement Blogging Opinion Pieces or about Political Issues

Best Engage-the-World Blog

Best Achievement in Design

Best Achievement in Wide Range of Topic Interests Blogging

Best Achievement with Humor in a Blog Post
You can follow them on twitter @Blogisattva to keep up to date on the awards. More to come soon!

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