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Integrative Spirituality - A NEW YEAR FOR HUMANITY, A ‘UNISANCE’ THAT INFORMS AN EMERGING WORLDVIEW, by N. English and L. Wollersheim

It seems that Integrative Spirituality is back and posting new material. Good to have them back. Here is a new article, which is a little more optimistic than I am. But hope is good.

Spirit in Education

How do we GLOBALLY accelerate and capture the momentum of what is already emerging in terms of the growing awareness amongst political, corporate, and grass root leaders? How do we most effectively inform a global movement that is ensured to have success in reaching the critical mass that is necessary to tip the scale for massive collective change? We are at the beginning of a new UNISANCE, a renaissance of new thought and awakened collective consciousness that is understanding and reverencing the miracle of our beingness in the universe.

We have arrived at a CRITICAL PATH in human history where it is prudent and necessary to expand our collective metaphors,’ that informs our values and ethics. We must look beyond our current cultural, political, economical partial views and perspectives. It is due time to facilitate a new framework of metaphors’ that informs and habituates a sustainable global culture that includes and celebrates all our collective partial views of the past, and is more appropriately framed in alignment with what we are coming to know about ourselves and our universe.


Know Thy Universe! It may not only be one of the best ways to "know thy self" and to "know Ultimate Reality." It probably is the most direct and accurate way of knowing self and Ultimate Reality that can also be shared --- because of the testable observation of physical reality. As the fruit must reflect the seed, the physical universe must reflect the seed which initiated it. L.Wollersheim

For the first time in human history we now have available to us a universal framework that embraces and reflects a much wider sense of individual and collective identity. This universal framework is informed by known visible, relevant, and reality tested patterns and principles in our meta, macro, micro, meso, nano universe. These patterns and principals have given life and momentum to our rich biodiversity, technology, and life as we have come to know it.

We have learned that these patterns and principals are reality congruent and time tested through 13. 7 billion years of known evolution. Through education humanity will collectively experience a deepening in connection to each other as this inherent universal wisdom is taught and disseminated into our shared collective. These patterns and principals will facilitate a universal celebration of our cultural and biological rich diversity. We are at the beginning of a new UNISANCE, a renaissance of new thought and awakened collective consciousness, which includes a collective reverence and understanding of the miracle of our emergence in context to the known universe.

All political, economic, religious, social, legal and philosophic systems are as only as good as the
fundamental interpretations, processes and facts about life in the real universe upon which they were initially based (and/or upon which they are currently updated and aligned.) No where are the actual interpretations, processes and facts about life expressed more accurately than at the cutting edge of today's cosmological and progressive evolutionary sciences. As they exist today, all human cultural systems will continue to produce far less effective results in solving humanity's greatest common challenges until they are more accurately science-aligned first with the empirical facts about our progressive evolutionary life and existence. Until then, all current cultural systems will continue to be a significant invisible causative or contributively component to the very challenges of humanity that they seek to resolve!

This new universe worldview (a cosmological science-informed and progressive evolution informed worldview) is the single emerging new worldview that is big enough, inclusive enough and capable enough to effectively solve every challenge now facing humanity. This is uniquely true because of its global consensus building ability to help rationally align or realign all existing human cultural systems (including even religion,) with the most accurate realities of the universe's evolutionary life systems. Where there is alignment there is agreement and, where there is agreement all efforts and resources can be coordinated and utilized to resolve all manner of global challenges.

We now have within our grasp the fundamental deep patterns of the universe as they are continuously informing and sharing the consequential and differential feedback with us through our sciences. Our survival depends on our adaptability, cooperation and organization in response to what they are communicating. These feedback loops are communicating, informing, and synthesizing new probabilities within our individual and collective interior, which includes and transcendence the past, reflecting and evolving us into deeper alignment with the WHOLE.

Our current chaos, dissonance, systemic pain, suffering, death and destruction are seemingly ‘obstacles’ (i.e. in our environment, politics, and financial systems of exchange) as we have yet to learn to differentiate all the nuances, values, patterns, and sub patterns they are communicating and informing. These qualities are the symptomatic feedback between polarities. They are ripples of energetic vibrations and fluctuations, a dynamic, DIRECTIONAL, creative evolutionary impulse, and mechanism of feedback. These polarities are necessary and they will continue to inspire humanity to participate in the process of evolving new cultural frameworks and structures, that is congruent with the deep patterns and principals, as they are individually and collectively systemically sustainable.

We must continue to look boldly into matter, and boldly into the nature of our consciousness, as they are the visible reflection of the history of the universe and the cosmic sphere and the beyond. Our perspectives of what we are will continue to expand qualitatively as we explore quantitatively. We are just in the infancy of our particular kind of awareness in form. Could it be that THE COSMIC MYSTERY has conspired for our individual and collective greater good and learning?? We are undoubtedly stardust that is awakening in the illuminated playground of matter. Our future is open with probabilities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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