Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Red Wine Goes To Your Head - But Helps You Think

I am huge fan of resveratrol for many reasons, and here's a new one - it makes your brain work better. I'm taking about 600 mg a day of pure trans-resveratrol, so I'm within the dosage range in the study - but I've been taking if before bed. Maybe I need to take this stuff in the morning, or before class?

Red Wine Goes To Your Head - But Helps You Think

Main Category: Psychology / Psychiatry

Red wine extract polyphenol resveratrol could improve mental performance on demanding tasks.

This is the finding of Emma Wightman from the University of Northumbria who presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Brighton.

This research investigated whether a component of red wine would increase cerebral blood flow and consequently improve brain functions in healthy adults. Twenty four adults undertook a series of mental tests for a period of 60 minutes before which they were given either a placebo, 500mg or 1000mg of pure polyphenol resveratrol. Cerebral blood flow was monitored throughout the testing phases.

The results showed a change in blood flow to the brain and significant improvements in cognitive performance in the participants who had been given polyphenol resveratrol.

Emma commented: "This is the first time this effect has been tested in healthy adults. There is so much conflicting information these days about the effects of diet that it is interesting to see that a component you'll come across in many everyday foods, including fruit, vegetables and red wine, can have a positive effect on brain function."

The British Psychological Society Annual Conference takes place at the Holiday Inn on Brighton Seafront from 1- 3 April 2009.

British Psychological Society

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