Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to Drive a Psychiatrist Crazy

Funny stuff - found this through Shrink Rap, but it came from Clown Ministry.
How to drive a psychiatrist crazy
  1. Demand to sit behind his or her desk every other meeting
  2. Keep your own notes of your psychologists behaviors and your diagnosis
  3. Prescribe medication to your psychologist
  4. spend the first half of the sesion drawing a picture of your psychologist, spend the second half drilling holes through it with a pencil
  5. Ask to go to the bathroom every time he or she asks a question
  6. Every time you give an answer ask “Am I cured yet?”
  7. Bring a ‘seeing eye turtle’ to therapy sessions
  8. Speak to your imaginary friend instead of the psychologist
  9. Bring all converstaion back to your childhood whenever it strays away from it
  10. Lie Blatantly about Everything
  11. Tell your psychiatrist that your name is Adrian Monk.

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