Monday, December 15, 2008

Kurt Barstow - 15 holiday shopping and gift ideas for healing and wholeness

If you still have some holiday shopping to do, maybe this list can help you find some "growth" oriented gifts for those you love.

15 holiday shopping and gift ideas for healing and wholeness

Rudolph, the Recycling Reindeer
The following list brings together the aesthetic and the technological, the personal and the communal in order to provide a range of gifts and stores that are concerned with health and wellness, both for the individual and for the planet. In that sense, they all are or showcasel spiritual gifts that will be potential treats for body, mind, soul, and spirit. They are meant to be things that will provide meaning, insight, connection, relaxation, or transformation on different levels and with different tools, from computer software to the healing hands of a massage therapist, and from the written [sic].

The first eleven suggestions are really all for shopping on the internet, providing you a chance to participate in the global community and all its offerings, while the last four are local suggestions. Happy Holidays!

ILP Practice Kit

1. Integral Life Practice Kit
Bring the result of decades of study of the most comprehensive maps of human development to bear on your personal practice. Billed as a better (more complete and sustainable) path to the Power of Now. Eight free gifts come with each order. $199.90.

2. Wild Divine
Combines unique biofeedback technology together with expert meditation training to transform your computer into a beautiful and engaging experience of relaxation and wellness. Healing Rythms, the basic package sells for $299.

Q-Link Pendant

3. Heart Math
Technology that helps you learn to rely on the intelligence of your heart in concert with your mind to help improve health, performance, relationships, and well-being. Emwave PC Stress Relief System software, $299, Handheld emwave personal stress reliever, $139.

4. Holosync
A sophisticated form of audio technology that induces the brain wave patterns of deep meditation so you can experience the benefits of meditation practice in an accelerated time frime. Personal coaching comes with the purchase. (You will need earphones). Free demo CD and Awakening Prologue, $179.

5. Q-Link Pendant
Balances and harmonizes the body's energies. Enter the following Discount Code at checkout to receive your 10% discount: 582LMT. $99.00 - 10%

Earth Sound CD
6. A carbon offset or other eco-friendly gifts
Offset the effects of a car or personal carbon footprint or find other atractive eco-friendly gifts.

7. Changing the Present
Connects you to more than 1500 meaningful charitable gifts, from planting trees to removing landmines to feeding families.

8. Institute of Noetic Sciences Shift in Action
$1 trial month/$10/mo after. Get Living Deeply book and practice CD as gifts.

9. Dharma Crafts
Meditation supplies.

10. John Bullitt's Earth Sound or Night of a Thousand Songs
In these amazing sound recordings, John Bullitt accelerates the vibrations of natural sound bringing the slow crustal movements from tectonic plates or the condensed sounds of an eight-hour period in the Madikwe Gamne Reserve in South Africa into the range of human perception. $15.00.

11. Scent of Samadhi
An all natural Ayurvedic herbal blend that raises positive vibration and sense of well-being, attracting bliss, inspiration, and abundance. For men and women. It smells great! $33.35.
There's a few more on the list for those who live in Los Angeles.

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