Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thomas Friedman - The "Chapter 18 Project"

Thomas Friedman is looking for a few good ideas to add to his next addition of Hot, Flat, and Crowded.
The Chapter 18 Project

Making Clean Energy Work

Thanks to all for the comments. As I am finding from the people I meet on the road during events in connection with the book, there is a real groundswell of enthusiasm and commitment to bringing about a change from the Dirty Fuels System to a Clean Energy System. But as your comments indicate, we all know that many, many obstacles stand in the way.

In the book — pages 391-3 — I tell the story of the effort of Southern California Edison to produce wind power in the Thachapi Pass and send it to Los Angeles, 275 miles away. It took eleven years — eleven years — for all the local and state governments, regulatory agencies, utilities commissions, and environmental groups to review the process and make their recommendations. That is why I sometimes wish that America could be "China for a Day."

What stories do you have about the difficulty of making Clean Energy work even when everyone agrees that it is in our best interests?

Recent Ideas from Chapter 18:

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