Monday, September 22, 2008

TED Talks - Eve Ensler: Security and Insecurity

TED Talks presents an interesting discussion about "security" from Eve Ensler.
Playwright Eve Ensler explores our modern craving for security -- and why it makes us less secure. Listen for inspiring, heartbreaking stories of women making change.

Inspired by a few intimate conversations with friends about -- gasp! -- their vaginas, Eve Ensler created the Obie Award-winning solo piece Vagina Monologues. In this convention-breaking play, she recounts tender, funny, gripping and horrifying stories women have told her about their bodies, their sexual experiences, and yes, their hoo-haas. Since its first staging in 1996 in New York, the play has been translated into more than 45 languages, and performed in more than 120 countries.

Vagina Monologues' success helped Ensler to create V-Day, a movement to stop violence against women and girls, which has so far raised (and donated) more than $60 million for campaigns that raise awareness and take direct action toward preventing violence and protecting abused women (by building safe houses, for example). Ensler has also drawn praise for The Good Body, a play that cuts to women's obsession with their appearance, and her book Insecure at Last, a scathing look at the measures being taken in the name of safety.

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