Monday, May 05, 2008

Gratitude 5/4/08

OK, so I'm a day late. I took yesterday off from blogging in honor of my birthday (#41).

Last year's birthday wasn't so much fun. So I am especially grateful for how much my life has changed -- and improved -- in the last year.

I did three of my favorite things for my birthday this year -- hung out with friends, went book shopping, and ate foods (hamburger, cheesecake) that I seldom eat. Fun.

I want to especially thank my friend Jami for taking me to dinner and going book shopping with me -- best birthday I can remember. Also a big thank you to Susan for making brunch yesterday.

Life is good.

Last year I was excited about starting school this fall. Unfortunately, my plans have changed, but likely for the better. I was planning to attend the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology for my PhD in clinical psychology, but I recently found out that their APA certification is not going to be happening any time soon, and that they aren't really set up for the clinical element, which is what I want.

So now, school has been postponed six months, but I will (pending acceptance) be attending the Fielding Graduate Institute, which is the only APA approved distance learning program. They offer several tracks in the PhD program, including neuropsychology, which is something I have become more interested in of late. I'm looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

belated Happy Birthday! here's to more amazing years to come.

hamburger and cheescake?! ;)


Anonymous said...

another belated Happy Birthday from me. Thanks for all the inspiration and leading by example!

Kai in NYC

Anonymous said...

You are welcome for the B-day food and books- you know books are one of my favorite things! No one deserves it more.