Saturday, March 08, 2008

Integral Praxis: Metalinking

I appreciate that many of my readers came to IOC for the speedlinks, and I regret that I can no longer offer that service to my readers -- I miss it, too. I feel like I am so much less informed without the time I spent reading and posting cool links.

Fortunately, the good folks at Integral Praxis are stepping up to fill the void. This is the logical/spiritual evolution of speedlinking -- and I look forward to what they have planned for us.

Today we are introducing something new on Integral Praxis: 'MetaLinking'.

Recently Bill Harryman discontinued his amazing "Speedlinking" on the Integral Options CafĂ© blog. We were huge fans of Bill’s daily offering of interesting & informative articles and weblinks. With Speedlinking, Bill was able to provide his readers with links to a wide range of easily accessible and relevant information. Although Bill’s Speedlinking was not the only incarnation (similar features can be found on SEED and various science blogs) of this type of blogging.

Therefore the IRG has decided to offer our readers our version of easy access linking. We hope readers find MetaLinking informative and rigorous in the promotion of innovative research, debate and public interest stories - addressing topics that span the whole spectrum of integral thinking.

Links will reflect IRG’s 4 main strategic research domains:
1) Bodymind Dynamics – human development, consciousness, cognition, physiology and personal health.

2) Communication, Culture & Discourse - collective discourse, information, art, values, ideas, semiotics

3) Environment, Health & Sustainability - habitat, ecology, technology, community and collective health

4) Polity, Justice & Organization – governance, war, social movements, power, resistance and law.
Individual links will not necessarily provide integrally-informed content; however, when the various streams of information are considered in relationship to each other integral patterns emerge.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy and make ample use of this new feature. Feedback and comments about MetaLinking or this weblog as a whole are always welcome.

Look for more positive changes here at Integral Praxis in the near future…

Go check out the cool links they have assembled in their first offering.

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Hokai said...

I'm sure you'll come back to Speedlinking, perhaps in a different format, because you were too good at it.:-) One can't stay away for long from something that brings joy to both oneself and others.