Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chad Waterbury - 5 Ways to Boost Testosterone

OK, this one is for the guys out there. But if you are woman with a man who works out, pass this along -- you'll love the difference a little attention to testosterone can make in his physique.

Chad Waterbury is the man -- I've been using his training programs for years now with great success. None of the points he makes here are new to me, but he provides a good overall approach, and throws in a program for training at the end.

Testosterone is the father of all muscle-building hormones, because it promotes protein synthesis. Whether you're training to get bigger, faster, leaner, or stronger, Testosterone is the steroid hormone that can make a world of difference. Too little of it and you'll get nowhere, too much of it (synthetically) and you'll end up with some nasty side effects.

The human body doesn't like supra-physiological levels of anything, much less Testosterone. But if you maximize it naturally you'll see newfound strength, size and leanness faster than ever.


Testosterone makes you bigger, leaner, stronger, smarter, more energetic, and better in the sack.

The role of Testosterone goes far beyond big biceps and a monstrous deadlift. When it's high you'll boost libido, have more energy, and protect yourself against osteoporosis. The brain loves Testosterone, too. When you have high physiological levels of T it boosts cognitive functions such as memory and attentiveness.

Of course, that means when T levels are low you're heading down a cognitive slope. Slide down far enough and you might be susceptible to all kinds of nasty neurological disorders.

So it probably doesn't warrant any real arm-twisting to convince you that you need to maximize Testosterone to reap all of the health, athletic, and aesthetic benefits you surely desire.

Here are the five steps you should follow.

Go read the whole article.

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