Monday, October 29, 2007

Curry Tuna and Black Beans

When trying to eat healthy, I am a big fan of having healthy foods ready to eat as needed. For example, I usually cook six chicken breasts at a time to have a ready made meal when needed -- just chop one up and toss it onto some baby spinach (or other greens).

One of the other quick and easy meals I like is the following:

3 cans of dolphin-safe white tuna (in water) drained
1 can of organic black beans (partly drained -- keep some fluid)
1 tablespoon of fat-free mayo
2 heaping tablespoons of HOT curry powder
Other spices to taste (I add pepper and cayenne pepper)

Mix it all in a resealable bowl and you have two or three meals ready to eat (depending on appetite). The curry kills the fishy taste of the tuna, plus it has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory qualities that are good for all of us.

This is a high-protein, high-fiber, and low glycemic meal. It's perfect for any diet, whether trying to add muscle or drop fat.

If you are trying to bulk up, or you simply need more carbs in your diet, you can add a cup or two of cooked, organic, whole grain wild rice to the mix. Wild rice has a nutty flavor that is so much better than boxed rice. Plus, you get the added fiber of a whole grain, with all the nutrients that get lost when rice is made easier and faster to cook.

Do you have other recipes that you like? Please mention them in the comments and I'll assemble a post of quick and easy meals.

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