Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gratitude 8/16/07

Wow, tough day today. Some of my friends and clients are out of a job. There's not a lot to be grateful for, but still, there is gratitude.

1) I am OK. I've lost some clients, but things always work out in the end.

2) I'm hopeful that I might provide some job leads for one of my clients who most needs to be working.

3) I wrote a new poem tonight.


I am an orphan at forty
it's strange how night tastes of ashes

memory refracts as light through stained glass
once there was a father, a mother, a sister

but I never knew these people
one can live among ghosts and never know them

darkness tastes of ashes, of death
but the ocean swallows without sorrow

I never cry anymore
what, after birth, is worth tears?

days collapse upon themselves
imploding with the dust of old buildings

unfettered, exiled from the tribe
at forty I wander in the desert

everything tastes of a moonless night
there is no place I have to be

What are you grateful for today?

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