Friday, March 02, 2007

Video: Images from Iran

My friend Kate over at Zaadz posted this on her blog, and I thought it was pretty cool, so I'm reposting it here. Music in the piece is by Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens.

Here is the text that accompanies the video over at YouTube.
Do you believe the lies and disinformation sown by the US and Israeli governments? Do you believe that Iran is a closed, fundamentalist Islamic dictatorship? A country full of potential terrorists eager to attack American citizens? If you believe this, will you be more likely to turn a blind eye to the predicted US and Israeli attack on the citizens of that country?

But what if Iran and the Iranian people are not as they have been portrayed? What if there is no threat from Iran? What if Iran is just a Middle Eastern country with 86 million people - people just like you and me?

What then?

Would you stand up for your fellow human beings against the predations of a small cabal of psychopaths in power and say "NO MORE!"
This is a classic Green Meme, sensitive self worldview, and as such this text fails to make the distinction between the the Iranian people, who actually like America, and the government, which is hostile, paranoid, and dangerous. Should we attack Iran? Hell no. Is Iran as harmless as its people? Hell no.

With all of this in mind, here is the video.

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