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Speedlinking 2/2/07

Quote of the day:

"Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life."
~ Herbert Henry Asquith

Image of the day:


~ U.S. Department Of Health & Human Services Partners With Ad Council And DreamWorks To Combat Childhood Obesity.
~ Exercise Can Help Prevent Erectile Disfunction -- Now if that isn't a good reason to get your ass in the gym, guys, you deserve what you get.
~ Approach To Treating Severe Malnutrition Still Fails Millions Of Children -- "Severe malnutrition is a major contributing factor in the deaths of 1.5 million children every year. The World Health Organization has said that, if its treatment guidelines are followed, the death rate in children admitted to hospital can be kept as low as 5%, but it is more common for 20% or over to die."
~ Kids' Soccer Injuries Analyzed -- "Study Says Girls' Injuries on the Rise -- but Less Serious Than Boys.'" Don't let anyone ever tell you that soccer isn't a contact sport -- I had far more injuries playing soccer than I ever did playing football.
~ Binge eating is major health problem: study -- "Out-of-control binge eating is the biggest eating disorder in the United States, more common than anorexia and bulimia combined and contributing to a rise in obesity, researchers said on Thursday."
~ Be Thinner, Healthier, More Productive: Go to Bed -- "Because Sleep Deprivation Can Have Dire Consequences, Getting a Full Eight Hours Is Important."
~ Muscles, not fat, strengthen bones -- "Researchers speculated that excess fat, which places more weight on the bones, may help build stronger bones in young people. However, a new study has found that this is not the case." OK, this falls into the really dumb theory category. It's all about the muscle people.

~ Functioning On Automatic Pilot -- "Walking while holding a conversation and writing a letter whilst thinking about its content: we perform many actions without even thinking about them."
~ Selenium loss linked to cognitive decline in aged -- "The results of a new study conducted by researchers in France suggest that selenium levels decrease with age, which may contribute to a loss of neurological abilities in the elderly."
~ Why she can't get no satisfaction -- "In her new book, Dr. Anita H. Clayton says women often sabotage their own sex lives." Sounds interesting because it's about taking responsibility.
~ While You Record, Life Passes By -- "Photography is a good example. Everyone has been to a party where there's someone flitting around in the background with their camera while never really taking part in what is going on. We've all done it in one way or another."
~ What is I.Q.? (An IQ FAQ).
~ Predisposed to PTSD -- "Some people bounce back after trauma more than others."
~ Recognizing Four Types of Abuse -- "Why emotional abuse is the hardest to spot; 11 warning signs that should tip you off."
~ Research Links Change in Brain with Addiction -- "A researcher at the University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) has found a change in the brain that occurs after drug use and that may contribute to drug addiction."

~ Initial Product RED Contributions To Global Fund Flowing To Africa, Financial Times Reports -- "According to Global Fund Executive Director Richard Feachem, Product RED has raised more than $10 million in the United Kingdom from February 2006 through September 2006 (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 10/16/06). According to the Times, $5.25 million from the project has been directed toward HIV/AIDS programs in Rwanda, and $4 million has been directed toward programs in Swaziland."
~ US Issues Guidelines in Case of Flu Pandemic -- "Cities should close schools for up to three months in the event of a severe flu outbreak, ball games and movies should be canceled and working hours staggered so subways and buses are less crowded. . . ."
~ Richard Branson Launches Virgin Stem Cell Bank -- "Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson has launched a dual private and public blood bank of umbilical cord blood as a source of stem cells to help treat donors or their families and other people who might need it."
~ Tibet's refusal to be Chinese -- "Economic advance is not winning all that many hearts and minds."
~ Is Obama Black Enough? -- "Viewpoint: Joe Biden's comment was rooted in the misconception that Al Sharpton and 50 Cent - not Barack Obama - represent the "real" black community." Is this a load of crap or is it just me?
~ Hillary: "I Have to Earn Every Vote" -- "In an interview with TIME, the Democratic front-runner talks about her stance on the war, the prospects for universal health coverage - and chocolate milkshakes in Iowa."
~ 10 Things You Didn't Know About John Edwards -- Do you care? He leads in Iowa, but does he have shot?
~ Jamming at the Speed of Light -- "New P2P software lets musicians collaborate in real time on the web without the familiar digital hiccups of the past."

~ Breakthrough in nanodevice synthesis revolutionizes biological sensors -- "Yale Institute for Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering engineers have developed a novel approach to synthesizing nanowires using wet-etch lithography on commercially available silicon-on-insulator wafers."
~ Does evolution select for faster evolvers? -- "It's a mystery why the speed and complexity of evolution appear to increase with time. For example, the fossil record indicates that single-celled life first appeared about 3.5 billion years ago, and it then took about 2.5 billion more years for multi-cellular life to evolve."
~ No Big Bang? Endless Universe Made Possible by New Model -- "A new cosmological model demonstrates the universe can endlessly expand and contract, providing a rival to Big Bang theories and solving a thorny modern physics problem, according to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill physicists."
~ Fossils of "Most Primitive Primate" Found Near Yellowstone -- "Fossils of a 56-million-year-old mouse-size animal discovered in Wyoming could redraw humans' family tree, scientists say."
~ Deadly Superbugs are Talking About You -- "The chatter between bacteria may hold the key to developing drugs to fight off killer superbugs, scientists say."
~ Bacteria Cause Sea to Smell Good -- "That unique smell found near the sea comes from a gas produced by specific bacterial genes, according to a new study." And here I thought is was all the seagull shit and rotting seaweed. OK, yes, I like the ocean.
~ Global Warming Wakes Groundhogs Earlier -- "Balmy winter weather has snapped awake groundhogs and other hibernating animals too early, well before their food is available."

Speaking of which, Happy Groundhog Day!

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