Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Speedlinking 1/30/07

Quote of the day:

"The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none."
~ Thomas Carlyle

Image of the day:

~ Poliquin Pontificates -- Highlights from Charles Poliquin's Certification Program & Biosignature Modulation Seminars, from T-Nation.
~ Shocking parents to help their fat kids -- "The Boston Globe is running a story about a $250,000 billboard campaign designed at getting parents to start acting in their kids interest in fighting the fat."
~ Are You Really What You Eat? -- "Aston University in Birmingham, UK has launched a unique new laboratory facility dedicated to solving the mysteries that lie in the relationship between the food we eat and the human brain."
~ Tumors Shrink When Gene Reactivated -- "Many cancers arise due to defects in genes that normally suppress tumor growth. Now, for the first time, MIT researchers have shown that re-activating one of those genes in mice can cause tumors to shrink or disappear."
~ Diet, exercise take off equal pounds -- "Eating less and exercising more are equally good at helping take off the pounds, U.S. researchers said in a study that challenges many of the popular tenets of the multibillion dollar diet and fitness industry." I'm not buying it, based on my professional experience.
~ Women turn from exercise and dieting to liposuction -- "Liposuction has jumped from being the eighth most popular cosmetic procedure in 2005 to the third most popular in 2006, behind breast and eyelid surgery."

~ Woman's fertility cycle affects brain, scans show -- "A woman's hormones affect specific parts of the brain called the reward pathway, researchers said on Monday in a finding that could offer insight into treating drug abuse and mood disorders."
~ Report: Drug firm distorted Paxil results -- "GlaxoSmithKline Plc was accused of distorting clinical trial results of its antidepressant Seroxat, or Paxil, and covering up a link with suicide in teenagers."
~ Buddhist Geeks 4: Get a PhD in Contemplative Science -- "In our second podcast with Alan Wallace (hear Part 1), he presents a new model for “professional” contemplatives."
~ Understanding Human Relationships -- From Steve Pavlina.
~ From How to Save the World: Decision-Making: Weighing the Evidence.
~ Autistic Woman Produces Moving Video, Blog -- "A brilliant new video from an articulate autistic woman offers a new, deeply personal perspective and is a must see for anyone seriously interested in autism and the issues surrounding it."
~ The Psychology of Being Rich -- "If you won a million dollars, what would you do? This is a common and fun daydream to have which represents freedom to most people--being independently wealthy is the American dream."
~ Early Intervention Most Effectively Curbs Bullying -- This has been a growing problem, or rather, more emphasis is being placed on an age-old problem.

~ 'Hot' patients setting off dirty-bomb detectors -- "With the rising use of radioisotopes in medicine and the growing use of radiation detectors in a security-conscious nation, patients are triggering alarms in places where they may not even realize they’re being scanned, doctors and security officials say."
~ 8 Keys to the '08 Campaign -- "The candidates are starting earlier than ever, but that's not all that is making this Presidential race different." Iraq, money and religion are first three issues.
~ The critical buzz on Sundance's hits and misses -- For those who care.
~ Gellman: ‘Pan's Labyrinth’ Is a Spiritually Important Movie -- "'Pan's Labyrinth' is a transcendent film celebrating the imagination's power to triumph over cruelty and evil."
~ Racial Bias Strikes Again.....in the Paycheck -- "A law and economics professor at Vanderbilt, Dr. Joni Hersch, has recently published an interesting paper comparing the incomes of 2,084 legal immigants to the USA to their skin tone."
~ One Important Question in the Blossoming Health Care Debate -- Some good links to add to the discussion.
~ Joe Lieberman: "Yeah, Sure, What's Wrong With Supporting a Republican for President?"
~ Ancient City Found in Mexico; Shows Olmec Influence -- "Far from the heartland of the "mother culture," the ruins may rewrite the history of Central America's first advanced civilization."

~ McDonald's selects trans-fat-free oil -- "McDonald's Corp. has finally selected a new trans-fat-free oil for cooking its famous french fries after years of testing, the fast-food chain said Monday."
~ Snake Eats Toxic Toad - Steals its Poison -- "The Asian snake Rhabdophis tigrinus is one tough customer. Not only can it swallow toxic toads and live to tell. It also uses the toad's poison for its own defense."
~ Concrete Proposal to Cut Carbon Dioxide Emissions -- "Scientists and engineers are developing a cleaner way to manufacture cement, which would cut down on emission of the greenhouse gas."
~ How Bad Will Global Warming Get? Indonesia Could Lose 2,000 Islands to Rising Seas.
~ Scary Impacts of Temperature Increases from Global Warming -- "Ever wonder just what is coming our way from global warming? How bad can it get? Check it out."
~ ExxonMobil says it's taking climate change seriously -- seriously -- I smell burning pants.
~ Washington Lawmakers Considering Legislation for Biofuels Production Incentives.

~ Chris at Indistinct Union blogs on vertigo -- not what you think. See also: authentic self (con't).
~ All it means to be human from Mystery of Existence.
~ From Ed Berge: Is some of the integral movement neoconservative?
~ There's something about Andrew -- over at I-I, Zaadz.

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Anonymous said...

If you go to two Zaadz discussions concerning the Ken/AC axis, scroll to the ends of both and you'll see that both threads were locked, despite the discussion continuing to be quite lively.

The 'There's-Something-About-Andrew' thread lasted a couple of days and was abruptly locked.

Discussion remained lively and productive.


An earlier discussion thread on Zaadz lasted a month and was just as suddenly locked, despite remaining lively


Its questionable how successfully II can resolve its internal affairs if discussions cramp to a standstill before anything can be resolved.

One would think that as long as matters remain courteous, it should be up to the participants (who if this is democratic, are the integral community) to decide whether an issue is unresolvable, rather than up to the moderator to make such a decision.