Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Speedlinking 12/27/06

Another great image from The Fairest:

~ Triple Threat Training -- Three training programs from John Paul Catanzaro at T-Nation.
~ Trans Fat Ban: Watch Saturated Fats And Calories Too -- Good advice.
~ Study Links Heartburn Drugs, Broken Hip -- "Taking such popular heartburn drugs as Nexium, Prevacid or Prilosec for a year or more can raise the risk of a broken hip markedly in people over 50."
~ Adjustable Breast Implants -- a Boon for Busts? -- I can only assume a man came up with this idea.
~ Alcohol, Headaches and Hangovers -- Timely -- "What's New and What You Can Do."
~ Cracking the Code of Longevity -- "Achieving a Long Life With a Sharp Mind May Have a Genetic Component, New Research Suggests."
~ Physical Activity In Children Linked To Motor Abilities -- Get those children as active as possible as early as possible.
~ Her Body: How to Make It a Healthy 2007 -- "You don't have to fix everything all at once. A series of small changes can have a major impact on your overall health."
~ Don't Surrender Any More Teeth to the Tooth Fairy -- Stem cells from pulled teeth regenerate new roots, might some day replace dental implants.

~ New Dyslexia Theory Blames 'Noise' -- "The dyslexic brain struggles to read because even small distractions can throw it off, according to a new model of dyslexia emerging from a group of recent studies."
~ Use Your Brain A LOT More Often or Risk Losing It.
~ Negative Emotions Can Be Deadly to Your Health -- Mercola offers his own solution.
~ Understanding burnout (Santa take note).
~ The effectiveness of self-imposed deadlines on procrastination -- or mediocre success thereof.

~ Turning Iraq's Tribes Against Al-Qaeda -- "In Ramadi, American commanders are going to local sheiks for help. The results are promising -- but is there a problem if your ally is a bandit ringleader?"
~ 'Buddha Boy' said to have emerged from nine months meditating -- "Thousands of people are reportedly heading to a jungle in southern Nepal in hopes of seeing Ram Bahadur Bomjan, a teenage boy who is believed by some Nepalese to be an incarnation of Lord Buddha."
~ S. Korea will pay men not to hire hookers over the holidays.
~ The Paradox at the Heart of Modern Politics -- "I’ve come to appreciate that there is a fundamental disconnect between the assumptions that underlie the prevailing approach to and coverage of political issues in this country and the assumptions that drive our policies in virtually every other context."
~ Where God meets big business - and it's soon coming to a church near you -- "American Evangelical Christians scare the hell out of secular Britons and, while their reputation may be unfair, it has been long in the making and is reinforced by some truth.... "
~ More than 1 million New Yorkers ask: food or rent?

~ Universal Healthcare In the News -- "Mort Zuckerman at US News believes it has become an imperative: If there is one single source of risk our policymakers must tackle, it is health insurance."
~ How a Zebrafish Regrows a Fin.
~ Wildfires Linked to Warming Ocean.
~ Settlers Eyed in Australia Extinctions -- "Australia's giant prehistoric animals, including 10-foot-tall kangaroos and wombat-like creatures as big as a rhinoceros, were likely wiped out by aboriginal settlers, not climate change, a researcher said Tuesday."
~ Ancient Insects Used Advanced Camouflage -- "A fossil of a leaf-imitating insect from 47 million years ago has a striking resemblance to modern mimickers."
~ Armadillos Marching North to Illinois -- that's a long hike.
~ Water-Short African States Near an Ancient, Elusive Goal: A Pact to Share the Nile.

~ Four posts from Indistinct Union: American Conservative Exceptionalism, American Exceptionalism II: Religion, Strenghts of Classical Liberalism, The Limits of Classical Liberalism. Not all of these are totally integral, but there is enough here to warrant their space here. Good reads.
~ There's a page of free material (audio, video and text) available at Integral Spiritual Center. Thanks, guys.
~ From Open Integral, a discussion: Abuse of enlightenment? Enlightened abuse?

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