Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Speedlinking 12/26/06

Happy Boxing Day to my British readers.

This morning's image is from The Fairest:


~ Periodization Nuts and Bolts from T-Nation -- How to create a program with variables over time.
~ Prevent Cancer, Use Olive Oil: New Year's Resolution No. 1.
~ Reduced Risk Of Breast Cancer And Higher Physical Activity Linked.
~ Study Identifies Mechanism Which May Help Tamoxifen Work Better. This study explains why Tamoxifen alone sometimes does not work -- the body finds a way to grow the cancer cells without estrogen.
~ The Hunger Scale: Avoid eating mindlessly. Bob Greene recommends using a hunger scale to avoid over-eating.

~ Study Finds Gender Differences Related To Eating And Body Image.
~ Bonuses Boost Performance 10 Times More Than Merit Raises -- Strange that, I always want to be paid based on my performance.
~ Greater Insight Into The Workings Of The Human Mind - Through The Study Of A Snail's Brain. The research may lead to a greater understanding of the development of the nervous system and the processes that control nerve cell regeneration following injury.
~ Cognitive Training For Older Adults May Help Slow Decline Of Daily Functioning Abilities.
~ Study Takes Rare Look At How Materialism Develops In The Young. "The researchers found that materialistic values increased between 8-9 year olds and 12-13 year olds, but then dropped between the 12-13 age group and 16-18 age group. -- In a second study, the researchers determined that self-esteem was a key factor in a child's level of materialism. Children with lower self-esteem valued possessions significantly more than children with higher self-esteem."
~ From Mind Hacks: 20 years at the Koestler Parapsychology Unit.
~ Watching With Intent To Repeat Ignites Key Learning Area Of Brain -- Watch and learn. Experience says it works, but how?

~ 10 myths -- and 10 truths -- about atheism, by Sam Harris.
~ A review of Jennifer Baumgardner's new book: Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics.
~ View From the Future -- "Rebecca Solnit takes the long view on 2006 from the perspective of the year 2025. The end of oil and the rise of warming seas reveal a world made small: less food, fewer species, less land and numerous fallen dinosaurs--from SUVs to an American President sentenced to hard labor in Fallujah for his crimes against humanity."
~ From Time: 2006: The People Who Mattered.
~ The Godfather of Soul is gone: James Brown's last words: 'I'm going away'.
~ Despite Laws, Gay Wedding Industry Booms.
~ Barack Obama surges in polls (Iowa and New Hampshire) and Dick Morris looks dumber than usual.

~ Insurance costs vary widely by city -- The differences seem to make little sense and no explanation is offered. Why do those in Seattle, one of the nation's healthiest cities, pay more than those in NYC?
~ Looking Toward 2007: What's Next?
~ Earth's Climate Changes in Tune with Eccentric Orbital Rhythms. Ocean sediment reveals the pattern behind the rise and fall of ice ages and the shape of Earth's orbit.
~ Future Flu Pandemic Could Cost 62 Million Lives. Damn!
~ Main Dish: The top 10 green stories of the year.
~ The top ten environmental stories of 2006.
~ Why are snowflakes symmetrical? How can ice crystallizing on one arm 'know' the shape of the other arms on the flake?

~ From Visser's blog: David Lane Returns. A response from Chris Dierkes at Indistinct Union: Wilber doesn't know evolution--or so we are told again.
~ From Robert Godwin: What Must We Integrate to Be Integral?
~ Over at the I-I pod at Zaadz: The Myth of the Given and Post-metaphysics.
~ From Alan Kazlev: Getting started on the Integral paradigm.

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