Friday, June 02, 2006


[picture by Kira]

Some days I get to grumbling about having to work evenings and having to miss events that I would like to attend, or simply just having to be at work after 5 pm on a Friday. And then it hits me that I'm doing a job I truly love -- and that I enjoy my clients. Why would I ever grumble about that? So, today I realized just how grateful I am for my job. Again.

In addition, one of my favorite clients expressed her gratitude for the ways in which I make her life a little better that have nothing to do with training. I am so grateful to know that I make even a small difference in the lives of my clients.

Another of my other favorite clients had been away for a while, but was back today. I am grateful for that.

I guess I'm in the gratitude flow today, because there is more.

I'm grateful for the generous readers who provided me with information to help me in deciding that I will, indeed, begin the Dzogchen training program. I missed the first part of it for this year, but there might be a way to catch up. It's a six year program in total, but since my goal is not to become a teacher at this point, I'm not sure how much of it I will complete. I'm extremely grateful for the chance to do it, though.

Finally, I'm grateful for Kira. I'm always grateful for her presence in my life, and I don't say it enough. So today, I declare it publicly.

What are you grateful for?

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