Thursday, April 13, 2006


Beliefnet has a post promoting Wayne Dyer's new book, Inspiration. In the audio file, he asks:

What happens when you choose to live at the level of Spirit, in a state of gratitude from morning to night? In his new book "Inspiration," best-selling author and spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer explains that when you're living in Spirit, your "vibrational energy is more attuned to that of the creative energy of the Universe." Strange, even miraculous things can happen at this level of energy.
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Nice sentiment, and one I agree with.

So today I am grateful others are extolling the virtues of gratitude.

I am also grateful for a certain Latina client who is smart and wise and makes training her a pleasure. When the training hour can be passed in good conversation, it's easier for the client who isn't focused on the pain, and for me.

So what are you grateful for?
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