Sunday, February 19, 2006


It's nice to receive the recognition of my peers. I was somewhat amazed to see my blog nominated in two categories (Best Integral Buddhist Blog & Best Philosophical Blog) for the 2005 Blogisattva Awards, posted at Blogmandu--especially since I have only been doing this blog since late June of 2005. I still feel like the new kid on the block.

When I first began this blog, after beginning Raven's View and Integral Fitness Solutions in December of 2004, I debated keeping it private as a journal of my ITP work. I wanted to be able to be emotionally honest with myself, but I am generally uncomfortable in sharing too much of myself with other people--even in as anonymous a format as a blog. As an example, I have only recently started posting a couple of my own poems on the site.

I decided, however, that being more public, including using my real name and linking to my other blogs (for a long time I did not even link between Raven's View and IFS), would be a part of my practice. For me there is some risk that my more, uh, "traditional" clients will see the site and I'll lose some business. I decided, in essence, "So what!?"

This blog has been an important part of my integral practice. The last year has been the most turbulent and amazing year of my life. This blog has been a big part of that.

So, thank you to those who read here--and thanks to whoever nominated me for the Blogisattvas. I sincerely appreciate the inherent support for this project that is reflected in the recognition.

And a giant congratulations to all the other nominees!
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