Monday, February 27, 2006


solving for unseen variables

And today the sky reflects nothing.
An ocean of aspens, all grown
from a single source, quiver in the breeze

and remember nothing, no meaning
hidden beneath yellow-dampened leaves.
This morning cold, glimpsed as a ghost

gliding from shadow to shadow,
says nothing beneath its breath,
each exhalation raising frail bodies

of fog from forest duff. And footprints
where nobody has walked for years
lead deeper into the maze of trees,

toward a hushed trickle of water,
run-off from last night’s rain
carving a new memory, a new vein

of variables, rock exposed, only
to be forgotten by sunset. Still the sky
reflects nothing, offers only itself

as proof to an equation no one
has written, factors demanding this day
as the only possible solution.
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