Thursday, August 28, 2014

Metaintegral Academy - Vital Skills for Thriving in a Wild, Complex World: A Free Online Mini-Course for Change Leaders

Passing this along for those who may be interested - The topic is interesting and there are some good people presenting.
We are excited to announce a new—free—four-session online course:

Vital Skills for Thriving in a Wild, Complex World A Free Online Mini-Course for Change Leaders October 13-16, 2014

It’s a truism that the world and its problems are growing more complex every day. It’s also true that effective solutions aren’t keeping pace and that it’s harder than ever for change leaders to have impact. Ominously, the gap is widening. What does this portend for the future?

Since its founding in 2011, MetaIntegral Academy has devoted itself to this question with a big YES. Yes to the perspective that our future is bright. Yes to our ability to create solutions to our challenges. And yes to our ability to nurture future leaders and new leadership capacities.

MetaIntegral Academy creates programs that help change leaders unleashed their deeper potentials and in order to really become the change they want to see in the world. As a result of the success of our EPC program we have been looking for ways to share some of its essence with a wider audience. We've had many requests to share this material so we came up with this mini-course as a way of doing just that.

Here’s a brief description of the course modules:
  1. Power and Grace: Using Complexity Thinking and Intuitive Inquiry to Navigate These Turbulent Times, with Barrett C. Brown
  2. Thriving in the Flow through Action Inquiry, with Jesse McKay and Danielle Conroy
  3. From Taking a Stand to Inspiring Shared Action: The Art of Integral Enrollment, with Sean Esbjörn-Hargens and Dana Carman
  4. Integration: Putting It All Together to Thrive in a Wild, Complex World, with faculty from Modules 1-3. This course is for change leaders at any level—local, national, global—who want to enact a vision, express their unique talents more effectively, and enact their potential to do more and be more.
For course details and to register for free, click here.

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