Saturday, December 14, 2013

Daniel J. Siegel: What Is Interpersonal Neurobiology?

Since I was fortunate enough to get to see and hear Dan Siegel a couple of times this conference, I thought I would share the joy as much as possible. This podcast is the Producer's Pick this week at Sounds True - a great conversation between Tami Simon and Dr. Siegel.

By following both his scientific curiosity and his heart, Dr. Daniel Siegel began to question one of the most fundamental assumptions about human psychology and even biology: that we are an individual, separate self. Dr. Siegel discovered that our concept of “I” turns out to be more accurately a “we”—encompassing not only our own senses, brain, and awareness, but also—surprisingly enough—the world itself, including everyone around us that we interact with and merge with in every moment of our lives. In this excerpt from the audio course The Neurobiology of “We,” selected by Sounds True producer Randy Roark, Dr. Siegel explores some of the key observations that have caused us to alter the essential definition of who we are.

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