Saturday, May 04, 2013

Omnivore - The Future of Human Beings

From Bookforum's Omnivore Blog, here is a nice collection of links on humanity's future, transhumanism, human enhancement, and other related topics.

The future of human beings

MAY 2 2013 

  • From Transhumanity, what should transhumanity regard as it’s primary goal? Extropia DaSilva wonders; and Zeev Kirsch on transhumanism’s schism: Are we motivated by greed or humanism? 
  • Julian Savulescu and Robert Sparrow debate the ethics of genetic enhancement in “Making Better Babies, Pro and Con”. 
  • From IEET, is human enhancement disenchanting? John Danaher wonders (and part 2). 
  • John Danaher on the need for epistemic enhancement
  • Building a “better” brain: As early as the 1950s, psychologist David Krech foresaw the power and the peril of cognitive enhancement — prescient concerns that live on today. 
  • Greg Miller on the hidden costs of cognitive enhancement. 
  • How much longer until humanity becomes a hive mind
  • From h+1, Selena Erkızan on science fiction and the future of human beings: Imagination, evolution and the anthropocentric myths.

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