Monday, April 22, 2013

Monkey Mind (Living with Chronic Anxiety) on All in the Mind

This week's edition on ABC Radio National's All in the Mind (Australia) features a discussion with Daniel Smith, author of Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety. Smith is a professor of English at the College of New Rochelle in New York. While dealing with a dark and painful subject - for him and many others- he is also able to bring some humor and a sense of the comic to the book.


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Sunday 21 April 2013

Our primordial fight-or-fight response goes haywire when we suffer an anxiety disorder 
(Lise Gagne/Vetta)

Anxiety is an essential human emotion but it's important to distinguish between normal day to day worry and an actual anxiety disorder. It can manifest in a range of forms including obsessive compulsive disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety and panic attacks. New Yorker Daniel Smith has lived with chronic anxiety, or his 'Monkey Mind', for most of his life and says it’s the only mental disorder which can be both excruciatingly painful and funny at the same time. Hear about what eventually helped him manage his intense worrying.

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Daniel Smith, Author, Professor of English at the College of New Rochelle in New York
Dr Paul Morgan, Sane Australia

Monkey Mind A Memoir of Anxiety, by Daniel Smith (Simon & Schuster)

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Presenter: Lynne Malcolm

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